The machine learning video-analytical systems of technical vision

Automated control

of production processes,
safety and quality
of manufactured products

Automated systems
of recognition
and classification

of automobile numbers,
transport, documents,
breeds of materials



About company

NVI Solutions LLC is a joint venture project the company-developer of industrial recognition systems VISILLECT (a subsidiary of IITP RAS). The company NVI is a product company, which specializes in the implementation of software products for industrial customers, and also engaged in their adaptation to specific production tasks and implementation at real production facilities in Russia and abroad.


The main specialization of the company is development of the software products allowing to make the analysis of a video stream, both in real time, and in retrospect regarding deviations from the set conditions in various fields of the industry such as: oil and gas industry, production, transport and logistics, financial institutions, trade and merchandising, animal husbandry and an agrarian complex, safety.


NVI company is ready to propose its customers ready-made solutions, as well as to develop individual software and hardware systems capable to solve problems in the field of data mining, received from the means of video recording, aimed at the customer"s models of behavior or violations.


Our software products are able to solve the following tasks:

  • contributing the system to the correction of the behavioral model of the customer"s personnel and contractors in the performance of duties at hazardous production facilities, by automating the processes of monitoring compliance with safety regulations;
  • warning of the personnel about violation directly at the moment of Commission of unsafe action (the sound notification); prevention of incidents, violations of technological process;
  • informing interested parties (e-mail, SMS, push notification);
  • automated recording of violations and their registration with automatic reporting and Analytics;
  • reducing the cost of maintaining the situation center (control center).

Our innovative developments allow us to improve the system of labor protection, to monitor compliance with our own processes and processes of contractors, to minimize costs, as well as to control working time, control the safety and efficiency of workers and equipment of the customer.



Product line

NVI SOLUTIONS machine learning video-analytical vision systems are able to solve complex problems of automation of a particular production or an entire industry.


System of automatic recognition of violations of the production cycle and safety.

Automatic license plate recognition system.

The system of automatic recognition of documents in the stream.

Automatic vehicle recognition system on toll roads.

System radiographic segmentation and classification on the production

Development of control and navigation systems for unmanned vehicles and aircraft


System of automated recognition of defects in production


Automatic recognition
violations in the workplace

The system can be adjusted to the specifics and tasks of a particular production


Recognition of violations in the field of industrial safety


Recognition of violations of the production cycle


Informing interested persons about the violation of (E-mail, SMS, Push notifications)




For example, the use of the CYCLOPS system in the oil industry.

The system is based on computer vision - a technology that allows the detection, tracking and classification of objects. Computer vision focuses on processing three-dimensional scenes and focuses on one or more objects.

CYCLOPS system is trained in behavioral patterns of different participants of the production cycle, and also reacts to the algorithm of production violations.

Elimination of errors occurs with constant training of the software product.


Detects a person

Distinguishes between the presence and absence of means of protection (helmets, vests, etc.)

Determines the number of personnel at the facility and the presence of outsiders

Determines the location in the danger zone

Controls the danger zone detects a violation in the course of work

Informs the master of the site about the violation on-line

Predicts the likelihood of future violations

Generates reports for the period of time for the supervisor and management


CYCLOPS can work both with dispatching service and fully automatic mode.

Complete set
of surveillance

For a typical field, the optimal number of surveillance cameras is from 2 to 7.

The scope
of use

of the CYCLOPS system

Type of activity:

Gas industry

Area of use:

Industrial safety, labor protection, control of violations of technological character at production

Type of activity:


Area of use:

Control of scrap and loading of production lines

Type of activity:

Transport and logistics

Area of use:

Control of transport and drivers, passenger traffic control

Type of activity:


Area of use:

Livestock control, livestock migration

Type of activity:

Unmanned aerial vehicle

Area of use:

Control of the perimeter of the specified objects

Type of activity:

Trading and merchandising

Area of use:

Control of goods on the shelf, statistics

Type of activity:


Area of use:

Detection of illegal actions

Type of activity:


Area of use:

Vehicle control, perimeter control, hazardous activities control