Gazprom Neft Implements Autonomous Solutions from NVI Solutions for Arctic Fields

Gazprom Neft is implementing intelligent production management technologies at its Arctic cluster fields. NVI Solutions implemented a pilot project to automate oil production processes at the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug). Digital solutions for remote equipment control and safety have been integrated into the infrastructure of the autonomous oil production site.

A hardware and software complex equipped with owl.Guard video analytics systems, computer vision, and control sensors helps oilmen optimize traditional service and operation processes for production sites. The use of automated solutions minimizes human involvement in the operation of a production facility: after the implementation of intelligent management technologies, the number of trips by specialists to monitor equipment operation has decreased sevenfold, and the volume of manual operations has decreased by one-third. Artificial intelligence automatically analyzes information from video surveillance cameras and identifies hazardous conditions and actions that could lead to malfunctions in the operation of technological equipment. As a result, the response speed to a potential incident is reduced to one minute.

By the end of 2025, these high-tech solutions will be implemented at all production sites on the Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field. This will allow the company to switch to full-cycle remote oil production management at an autonomous Arctic field.


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