Russian oil workers to operate under the supervision of artificial intelligence

Russian oil workers will operate under the supervision of artificial intelligence. The software complex will be completed in 2020, according to RIA Novosti report to the information office of the National Technology Initiative (NTI). The CYCLOPS program will detect employees who work without protective helmets or protective workwear, or enter dangerous areas. The system uses computer vision and artificial intelligence technology to analyze data from surveillance cameras, identify safety violations and, if necessary, alert the operator or provide an audible alert to the site. The product can be used not only in the oil and gas industry, but also in the mining industry, transportation, logistics financial institutions, trade and merchandising, as well as in the agricultural sector.

The project of NVI Solutions was supported by the commission of the Neuronet industry union within NTI. The system has already undergone pilot testing in several major oil companies of the Russian Federation.

“The Commission of the Neuronet industry union supported the project, as it corresponds to one of our major priorities: development of occupational safety culture in the country. The system can be implemented at any industrial enterprise that has already installed video surveillance cameras,” commented Alexander Semenov, executive director of the Neuronet industry union.


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