NVI employees participate in the 46th School-Conference for Young Scientists called Information Technologies and Systems – 2022, organized by the A.A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS IITP).

The special session focused on NVI Research/NVI Solutions, a developer of knowledge-intensive software solutions for the digital transformation of the industry.

The CEO and key specialists of NVI, who come from reputable research teams of RAS IITP and CVC MSU, spoke about the use of big data in monitoring and management of complex systems. The participants of the school-conference looked ‘under the hood’ of the solutions developed at NVI with application of the research results obtained at both alma mater.

  • Philip Belyaev (Co-Chair of the Conference Organizing Committee) Ecosystem of NVI Projects, Main Focus Areas andSuccesses.
  • Sergey Golovin Applied Use of Big Data in Management of Complex Systems on the example of DO GPN.
  • Evgeniy Shvets Experience in Developing High-Efficiency Systems of Incident Detection in Video Streams: from Laboratory to DO GPN.

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