Our company provides a full cycle of work from the initial fundamental development of the solution to its deployment and subsequent support.

Yes, our team has experience of work for foreign customers. Most of our employees are fluent in foreign languages.

Our software product CYCLOPS has historically been developed for solving problems in the oil and gas industry, but on the principle of operation it is universal and ready to perform the task of recognizing violations in the field of safety in other areas.

Our software product is available in two versions. The first is subject to the availability of the Internet and the possibility of transferring the video stream to the control center, where our software and hardware will be installed for further analysis and data processing. In this case, our solution can be deployed on the existing infrastructure as a server application. The second is suitable for stand-alone objects, where there are no data channels of the video stream to the control room. In this case, we have developed a compact, moisture-resistant and dust-proof software and hardware complex, which is installed in the team (at the field) in the master's trailer or in the reference point for subsequent detection locally at the site of work in the online mode. Also our complex allows not only to fix violations, and also to work in the mode of prevention of violations with a possibility of the sound notification about the violation occurring on the platform. Thus, the shift supervisor (master or foreman), receiving a sound notification of the violation in his / her jurisdiction, can immediately respond in order to eliminate or prevent an adverse event that may occur with the staff.

Typically, the quality of the system immediately after the initial commissioning is more than 70 percent. Quality improvement occurs with the increase in the level of collection of analytical information of the system. Usually, this statistic covers deeply specialized cases, specific manufacturing of Elijah field.

At the end of the period of additional training of the product on a real production facility, the recognition accuracy, depending on the complexity of the event, can reach 97% or more.

Our company has a separate division in KhMAO, Nizhnevartovsk, on the territory of which there is a production base with deployed training oilfield service equipment and personnel to simulate the behavioral model of personnel on "permitted" and "unauthorized" actions. The landfill is an imitation of a real production facility with conditions as close as possible to the conditions of work at the field. The landfill is located in an open area for the possibility of training the software product in all weather conditions and conditions of day and night visibility.

Our solution is developed from considerations of the use of existing infrastructure, but in some cases there is a need for upgrading the computing and communication oboruovanie. In rare cases, you may need to replace the security cameras.

Specialists of our team are ready to conduct an on-site audit of the production facility, as well as assist in determining the technical possibility of detecting certain events, and provide support in the preparation of technical specifications for the subsequent implementation of the project.

We are ready to offer ready-made markers, which are the most popular and universal for the purposes and tasks of customers: human search, recognition of personal protective equipment, analysis of hazardous areas (including dynamically determined). We are also ready to develop individual markers (recognizable events) for the needs (requirements) of the customer, taking into account the specifics of the field of activity.